Dr. Mohammed Khalil

Dr Mohammed Khalil

Have done a work done with Mundiapolis University in Casablanca on developing an employability machine for explaining, engaging students and academic staff in the process of enhancing employability of graduates. It took 4 years to move forward. We have now 85% are employed after 12 months. He is a am a venture expert of healthcare start-ups here at Brightlands Innovation Factory (https://brightlandsinnovationfactory.com/).   All this goes in the same direction: Innovation, value creation, employability.

Dr. Mohammed Khalil
Professor, Head of International Trade Management Research Center
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences
Faculty of International Business and Communication
Brusselseweg 150 - 6217 HB Maastricht | Postbus 634 - 6200 AP Maastricht  | The Netherlands
043 3466 496 |  0682070207| Privé:  0610607073
In Maastricht on Mon, Tue, Wed  in Br. 1.04
mohammed.khalil@zuyd.nl|  www.hszuyd.nl