Dr. Eva Bilhuber Galli

Dr. Eva Bilhuber Galli actively engages for a management approach that allows to grow human, social and business values hand in hand. Since 2009 she is managing director of human facts, a small high-class Management Consultancy Boutique based in Switzerland. Her focus lies on multi-stakeholder engagement and collective leadership, more specifically on the creation of trust in and among organizations and the measurement thereof, so-called Relational or Network Capital. Beyond, she acts on a volunteering basis for the Swiss based foundation B360 in higher tertiary education institutions in South Africa and Namibia to raise employability and entrepreneurship. Before, she worked 10 years in executive functions of employee, management and organizational development at UBS, a large multinational financial services company at Zurich and Frankfurt a. M. She received her Master’s in education sciences, industry psychology and business administration and her doctorate in strategic management of the University of St. Gallen. Her study was published in the Journal Leadership Quarterly and received international attention being among a few worldwide to address network-oriented leadership development. Beyond, she publishes regularly for management practice, among others in Harvard Business Manager.


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